folder Programmes

Directory containing specific programmes that are launched/run.


folder ...And To Love God

A Programme resource for Beaver Leaders.

folder Word Game

A Word Game or Resource.

This resource can be used as a game or a teaching aid or anything else your imagination can think of.

You can adapt this resource to any theme you can think of to suit the group's needs.


pdf Kiro Scout Badge Origami Popular

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Download (pdf, 4.60 MB)

kiro scout badge origami.pdf

Instructions and template for cutting out an origami Kiro and Scout badge.

N.B. Extra care and attention is needed when cutting out in order to improve accurcy.

document A Deck of Cards Popular

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a deck of cards.doc

A folk story and song which relates the tale of a young American Soldier arrested and charged with playing cards during a church service.

pdf St Francis Popular

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St Francis - Programme Ideas.pdf

St Francis programme ideas - - written by our National Chaplain Fr. John Seddon.

pdf St Paul Popular

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Download (pdf, 14 KB)

St Paul - Programme Ideas.pdf

St Paul programme ideas - - written by our National Chaplain Fr. John Seddon.

pdf Candles in the Programme Popular

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An NCSF publication giving programme ideas using candles in the training programme.

pdf The Christmas Crib Popular

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A Christmas Crib.pdf


An NCSF publication developed by Ms Mary Platts of the NCSF. This is a craft item that can be used by all ages is a simple cutting and coloring exercise.