"We try to encourage all leaders to progress in development of their own faith as well as encouraging leaders to be a good example to fellow leaders and members"


NCSF Mission Statement:

To support and further the aims of Scouting in a Catholic context.


Duty to God:

Spiritual and religious development.



National Chaplain to support, finance and advise County Chaplains. To encourage appointments, support and advise locally. To encourage the formation of a body of members. To support the work of Chaplaincy locally.



To support leaders in Training and Development. Provision of seminars, support material and personal support. Provision of support materials for "My Faith" or similar badges and spiritual and religious aspect of the Scouting Programme.



Use of Catholic Media viz. Internet, Press, TV and Radio. Publication of 'The Link'. Contact and communications with GCAC, other denominations and faiths, ICCS, personal/group/parish contacts, other catholic bodies.